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Fieldhouse Inc. Releases Fieldhouse Store Version 3.0

Enhanced user interface simplifies product customization and ordering, and offers a fundraising solution to multiple groups within an organization.

BELLEVUE, WA -- Fieldhouse Inc., which provides a branded ecommerce store to schools, youth organizations, and clubs, today announced the release of Fieldhouse Store Version 3.0.

The upgraded user interface offers an image-based customization process. Now customers simply click on the design in which they are interested and the color swatch, and their custom product will appear.

Version 3.0 also gives organizations more fundraising flexibility by offering “stores within stores.” Now individual groups within an organization can have their own store within their organization’s main store from which to fundraise. Being able to share a Fieldhouse Store in this way is particularly attractive to schools with many different teams and clubs that fundraise independently.

“All of our new releases are based on market research and customer feedback,” said Laura Kramer, Fieldhouse Inc. Marketing Director. “It is our goal to be an invaluable asset to schools and youth organizations, giving them custom online stores from which they can build spirit and raise money at a time when budget dollars are shrinking.”


About Fieldhouse Inc.
Fieldhouse Inc. is a privately held company based in Bellevue, Washington. Its product, Fieldhouse Store, provides a branded ecommerce store to schools, youth organizations, and clubs. This not only builds spirit for the organization – it can be a fundraiser as well with 10 to 15 percent of every item sold generally returned to the organization. With stores representing customers in 20 states, Fieldhouse provides a turnkey solution to those wanting to build spirit and raise money without spending precious budget dollars.

For more information, please contact: Laura Kramer Director of Marketing Fieldhouse Inc. 425-458-4200, x4